Clinical Specialties : Peripheral Nerve Disorders

Nerve Tumors

Nerve tumors can form in the peripheral nerves, the network of nerves running throughout the body. These tumors can affect the function of the nerve, sometimes causing pain and/or disability.

Nerve tumors may occur anywhere in the body. A large majority of peripheral nerve tumors are benign (not cancerous). Some are caused by neurofibromatosis or schwannomatosis (genetic disorders of the nervous system).

Three major types of nerve tumors:

  • Neurofibroma Most commonly found within the genetic disorder of neurofibromatosis.
  • Schwanomma These are nerve sheath tumors. They can occur in isolation are less commonly found in patients suffering from neurofibromatosis or in schwanommatosis.
  • Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor These very aggressive tumors are cancerous nerve sheath tumors and should be managed by a multi-disciplinary team.


  • Pain
  • Disability

The trusted experience and surgical expertise of the neurosurgeons at The University of Miami make us a trusted choice for treatment of this condition. Nerve tumors anywhere in the body are evaluated and surgically managed. Microsurgical approaches are used along with intraoperative monitoring to achieve aggressive resection with minimal new neurological deficits.