Education : Current Residents

Ashish Shah, M.D.


Started in 07/2014
Graduate in 06/2021

Ashish H. Shah, M.D. obtained his BS, summa cum laude in 2010 and his MD with AOA honors in 2014 from the University of Miami.

Over the last four years, Dr. Shah has taken a special interest in neuro-oncology research under the mentorship and guidance of Drs. Ricardo J. Komotar, MD,and Dr. Noriyuki Kasahara. Dr. Shah has been involved in research on the efficacy of retroviral vectors and gene therapy for high-grade gliomas. Over the last few years, Dr. Shah has published over 40 peer-reviewed scientific papers focusing on surgical Neuro-oncology

Dr. Shah is also actively involved in establishing the first neurosurgery residency program at Bernard Mevs Hospital/Project Medishare under the leadership of Barth A. Green, M.D. and John Ragheb, M.D.