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International Observerships

International Faculty & Residents

In keeping with its commitment to global exchange, the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine has established the Observership Program. This program is open to qualified foreign nationals who wish to visit the University and its affiliated hospitals for a maximum of 90 days to observe the activities of a department.

To qualify for an International Observership in Neurosurgery, you must be currently enrolled as a resident in a neurological surgery training program at a non-LCME Accredited University, or have been invited by a faculty member in our department as a Visiting Scholar of Neurosurgery.

Observer status means that visitors may not have any direct patient contact or be responsible in any measure for patient care. They may observe on rounds, follow resident and attending physicians and may participate in departmental conferences.

Neurosurgery residents and neurosurgery faculty enrolled in an international university should apply via the Department of Neurological Surgery, by sending an email with a copy of their CV to the Neurosurgery Educational Office:

International Medical Students

International Medical Students who are interested in observing the clinical activities of the Department of Neurosurgery, may be accepted for a one month rotation in our Neurosurgery Department via The William Harrington Program for Latin America or via the Global Observership Program.

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To learn if you qualify and to request an application, contact:

Ms. Olivia Cata
Director of The William J. Harrington Programs – Global Observerships
International Medicine Institute, Miller School of Medicine
Tel: 305-243-6826 Fax: 305-243-6830
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)