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With more than 80 uniformed security officers, the University of Miami Department of Security is committed to providing a safe environment for patients and their family members. These officers monitor building entrances and patrol the campus on foot and vehicle 24 hours a day.

Security officers provide escorts to any place on campus as well as the nearby Metrorail station. We encourage all patients and family members to use this 24-hour service when walking alone, particularly after hours. Call 305-243-7233 to request an escort. In addition, security officers also can provide assistance to patients who may have left their car keys inside a locked vehicle, provide battery jumpstart to a vehicle, and/or assist a patient with a flat tire.

The officers can be easily recognized by their navy blue uniforms with badges, emblems on their shirtsleeves, and medical school photo I.D.s, which identify them as University of Miami security personnel. Patients should request to see I.D. before taking instructions from any hospital employee, including security officers.

Blue Light Phones

There are more than 20 blue light phones throughout the medical campus for emergency (as well as non-emergency) assistance. Simply press the red button on the phone to call security. Note: A blue light phone is located on the north side of the Sylvester courtyard (mounted on a corner wall of the UMHC building).

Take Safety Precautions

  • Leave personal property such as cash, jewelry, cell phones, cameras and other electronics at home.
  • Any belongings required during your stay should be stored in closets or drawers. Any valuable items that can not be left at home or with a relative should be stored in a hospital safe.
  • Do not leave valuables in vehicles.
  • Weapons and illicit drugs are prohibited on University property.

If you lose something or witness suspicious activity, please notify a hospital staff member immediately or call security at 305-243-7233.

Important Security Phone Numbers

Emergencies: 305-243-6000
Non-Emergencies: 305-243-7233 or 305-243-SAFE
Rumor Control: 305-243-6079

While our security department is responsible for ensuring our campus remains as safe as possible, the primary responsibility for crime prevention and personal safety rests with each individual.