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The Gift of Life

The Miami Herald

Patient’s Parent Says Thank You to Dr. Ragheb

On June 1, our son, Jordan, was diagnosed with a tumor. It was a unique growth, a sinister lesion, located in the pineal region, the very center of our 11-year-old son’s brain. We set out to locate the very best surgeon — anywhere — to attack the tumor. Following lengthy and detailed consultations with the small ciricle of experts from across the country, it was right back in Miami, our home for 14 years, where we located the man to whom we are eternally indebebted: Dr. John Ragheb at Miami Children’s Hospital.

We had but one opportunity to succeed with this most delicate operation. We knew that Dr. Ragheb was extremely experienced and highly successful. After exhaustive research, he was the only person that we could see operating on our son. Our planning paid off, and our prayers were answered as the operation spanned 21 straight hours, with the meticulous Dr. Ragheb confidently in control.

We never will forget this gift of life that Ragheb has provided us. The greater Miami community is fortunate to have the vast resources and expertise of Miami Children’s at its doorstep, but the same is true for so many others who are able to travel from around the world to find the best medical care.

Doctors report that Jordan is healing perfectly well, and that he is expected to make a full recovery. Especially during this Thanksgiving season, we are eternally grateful to our family, friends, Dr.Ragheb, Dr. Garrett Zoeller, Dr. Raphael Gonzalez, our advocate Dr. Michel Nahmad, the spectacular nursing team and the entire Miami Children’s Hospital staff.

Although Jordan was robbed of his summer, Nov.19 was a milestone as his treatment officially ended, and his plans are to make this ordeal a footnote to a long and healthy life. Today, he is home — and a kid again.

BEN MOLLERE, Basalt, Colo.