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Local Doctors head to Haiti to help victims

FOX WSVN, Fort Lauderdale

A group of South Florida doctors are headed to Haiti to help victims of the disaster.

Around 5:30 a.m. Thursday, five doctors and three nurses departed from Fort Lauderdale’s Executive Airport bound for Port-au-Prince.

Wednesday, members of the Broward County Salvation Army left for Haiti with a plane full of supplies. Schools in Miami-Dade County also pitched in. “We’re going to be establishing one centralized drop off location for donations,” said Miami-Dade Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

A group of University of Miami Surgeons headed to the impoverished country to help the wounded. “We have know idea what we’re prepared for. We’re bringing equipment, and this is all about disaster and disaster relief, so we’ll see what we can do,” said Dr. Edgar Pierre. Pierre said they have trained for emergency response, but they’re never really prepared for the emotional side of it. “This morning when I saw the picture of the palace down I went wow this is amazing.”

Dr. Barth Green said he spoke to Haiti’s president. “He just is begging for help. He wants America to be there and other countries to help them,” Green said. “There’s so many dead and there’s no medical help. It’s a very desperate situation,” said Green.


To donate to the efforts of Dr. Green and his team please visit: Project Medishare