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UM Doc Returns From Haiti With Patients & Hope

CBS 4 Miami

One of the first Miami area doctors to arrive in Haiti after last week’s devastating earthquake is back in South Florida.

“We were the first medical team to land because the airport was closed and we just went in without any tower authorization or anything. When we got there, there were no hospitals and really no doctors, everything was in shock,” said Miami neurosurgeon Dr. Barth Green.

During his time there, Dr. Green has not only been helping the injured and coordinating doctors and medical personnel as they arrive, he’s also been overseeing the set up of a field hospital at the international airport in Port au Prince which will have two operating rooms.

“I’m an old guy who has been around for a lot of things and a day hasn’t gone by when I don’t cry. Every doctor cries. From the president down to the toughest UN soldier, everybody is in tears; it’s just overwhelming,” said Dr. Green.

It’s overwhelming because of the staggering number of victims needing treatment. It’s estimated as many as 250,000 people in Haiti were injured as a result of the earthquake.