News : 2010 : March

Dr. Roberto C. Heros, wins Prestigious 2010 Cor-Vitae Award of the American Heart Association

Dr. Roberto C. Heros was the winner of the 2010 Cor-Vitae Award of the AHA for his contributions to stroke care. Dr. Heros is Professor and Co-Chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery. In 1990, he was made Chairman of the Neurosurgical “Decade of the Brain” task force. In this capacity, he developed and became the founding chairman of the “Brain Attack Coalition” a multidisciplinary group that lobbied the NIH successfully to obtain funding for the development of several regional stroke centers of excellence. At that time, he popularized the term “Brain Attack” to denote the fact that stroke, like a heart attack, needed to be recognized and treated as an emergency. Dr. Heros was funded by the NIH for several years to study experimental protective measures against brain ischemia. He has written extensively on stroke related topics, both experimental and clinical.

Dr. Heros received the Cor-Vitae Award from Dr. Ralph Sacco, Chairman of UM’s Department of Neurology and President-Elect of the AHA at the recent regional meeting of the AHA.