News : 2010 : April

Dr. Barth Green and Katie Couric in Haiti.

Haiti's 21st Century Makeshift Hospital

(CBS) In a dusty field 200 feet from the Port-au-Prince airport, a makeshift medical center treats life-threatening injuries and chronic illnesses. “If they come in here, they’re treated as if they’re at Mass General, Mayo or University of Miami, anywhere in the world,” said Dr. Barth Green. CBS News anchor Katie Couric reports Green was one of the first to arrive in Haiti after the earthquake.

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Dr. Howard B. Levene Gives Back to Local Elementary School

Dr. Howard B. Levene, of the University of Miami, Department of Neurosurgery, spent his morning with over 140 eager fourth and fifth grade students, sharing his knowledge and expertise as a “brain and back” doctor. Dr. Levene’s presentation falls at the culmination of a week-long effort to expose Olinda Elementary School students to a multitude of career options.

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Allan Levi, M.D., Ph.D.

Research Published on use of Mild Hypothermia in Spinal Cord Injuries

A study published by researchers from the Miller School’s Department of Neurological Surgery and The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis offers evidence that the use of mild hypothermia is both a safe and potentially effective strategy in acute spinal cord injury. More than two years ago, NFL player and former Miami Hurricane Kevin Everett suffered a spinal cord injury and many believed he would never walk again.

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