News : 2010 : April

Dr. Howard B. Levene Gives Back to Local Elementary School


Dr. Howard B. Levene, of the University of Miami, Department of Neurosurgery, spent his morning with over 140 eager fourth and fifth grade students, sharing his knowledge and expertise as a “brain and back” doctor. Dr. Levene’s presentation falls at the culmination of a week-long effort to expose Olinda Elementary School students to a multitude of career options. These have included a wide range of individuals, including a scientist, firefighter, hair stylist and musician. Adriana Sanabria, Olinda’s guidance counselor, is to thank for the orchestration and success of this year’s career week.

“My goal with career week is to alleviate the distress that my students feel every day in Liberty City by exposing them to different careers and demonstrating that there are other options out there, and through education, dedication and hard work they can achieve their goal of being a positive member of their community,” said Sanabria.

Dr. Levene engaged students through an introduction to the training, surgery and research that is required in the field of neurosurgery. He emphasized the need for exceptional grades, imagination, dedication and a love for helping others. He used detailed interactive brain and spine models to demonstrate various procedures and conditions. He also discussed ways for the students to protect their brains and spines during biking, walking and car rides.

The students were extremely captivated and asked a series of follow up questions. When Dr. Levene was asked by a student what he liked most about his job, he replied, “when people tell me thank you, you have changed my life, I don’t think I would be here without you.”

Dr. Levene serves as Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurological Surgery at the University of Miami. His clinical practice is headquartered at the VA Medical Center. He completed his Neurological Surgery Residency in 2008 at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. Subsequently, he completed a Neurosurgical Spine Fellowship in 2009 at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital and joined the neurosurgery faculty. Dr. Levene believes strongly in the importance of serving the local Miami community.