News : 2010 : April

Haiti’s 21st Century Makeshift Hospital


By Katie Couric

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI – In a dusty field 200 feet from the Port-au-Prince airport, a makeshift medical center treats life-threatening injuries and chronic illnesses. “If they come in here, they’re treated as if they’re at Mass General, Mayo or University of Miami, anywhere in the world,” said Dr. Barth Green. CBS News anchor Katie Couric reports Green was one of the first to arrive in Haiti after the earthquake.

“The first day,” he said, “we were literally off a plane, operating on a kitchen table.”

Project Medishare

As the chairman of neurosurgery at the University of Miami, Green amassed enough friends in high places to help Haiti at its lowest moment. “Friends of ours from Miami and all over the country just poured it out,” Green said. “Pretty soon, we had not just a field hospital, but probably the best one on the island.”

It took Green just a few days to install something Haiti’s never had – a critical care facility. “You have to remember that Haiti’s the poorest nation in this hemisphere. And today, people are still dying of dirty water, and kids are dying of starvation. And it’s an hour from Miami,” Green said.