News : 2011 : October

Ricardo J. Komotar, M.D., comments on the fatal injury.

Tragic and Rare: Coming to terms with the death of a Phoenix varsity football player

There was no way to predict this tragic event, says Dr. Ricardo Komotar, a neurosurgeon and head trauma specialist at the University of Miami Hospital, himself a former high school football star. “My guess is that he got hit in the wrong spot at the wrong time at high velocity,” Komotar told staff writer Paul Riede. “In terms of what you can learn and how to prevent it, I think the answer is zero. I think it’s a freak injury.”

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Front row, Katherine Swidarski, M.P.H, left, and WalkSafe intern Jasmine Reid. Back row, Anabel Anon, program coordinator, left, and Gillian Hotz, Ph.D.

WalkSafe Program Addresses Student Safety and Health on International Walk to School Day

On October 5, faculty and staff from the WalkSafe program at the Miller School promoted student safety and wellness as they celebrated International Walk to School Day at Charles R. Drew Elementary School. Approximately 300 students walked and rolled to school along with parents, teachers and community leaders.

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From left, Bruno V. Gallo, M.D., Ricardo Komotar, M.D., awake craniotomy patient Ray Beccaria, and Thomas Fuhrman, M.D.

Doctors and Patient Describe Rare Awake Craniotomy Surgery at UMH

In early September, Ray Beccaria began struggling to put into words what he wanted to say. A week later, he had trouble reading and thought he might be having a stroke. His wife thought he was just stressed. The 64-year-old health information management specialist admits he was “scared every day” that his perplexing symptoms would worsen. A CT scan and MRI at University of Miami Hospital confirmed his fears: a glioblastoma.

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Patient kept awake during brain surgery

While undergoing delicate brain surgery, patient Ray Beccaria spent much of the four-hour operation chatting with his surgeons. Anesthesiologist Dr. Thomas Fuhrman performed the equally delicate task of keeping Beccaria calm and comfortable but still awake enough to speak.

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